Get your voice heard US Citizen!

I've purchased these domains for us to use before some corporation realized they could buy them all up and squash the voice of the US Citizen looking for better Google search results. Amplify your voice!

What's in it for me.

I'm intending to slice the domains down the middle. Give 1/2 to citizens deserving of the domains, both left, right, and indifferent while I sell the other 1/2 to interested corporations / businesses. I'm took the financial risk, seems fair?

What's the point?

We have a potential 8 years of high quality domains. I'll see about picking the most qualified US Citizens to take over ownership of the domains. These could be domains the American people can use to get a bigger voice!

What are the rules?

Any US Citizen taking over one of the domains must provide a vision that will better the world from your use of it.

Corporations and faux-charities bidding.

The other half of the domains will be sold to any business entity willing to make a bid. An application form can be found here.