This whole effort started a while back whenever I realized there was a need to allow people to discuss freely in a way that isn't held behind the wall or time line of a large corporation or the sub of another. These corporations can dictate how citizen discussions are held within their own echo chambers. They can silence entire swatches of people by turning off an indexing option or just ignore the problem.

Do you know Facebook and Reddit can make changes on what shows up whenever doing a search on their site? It's a hard place to find the opinions of others. That's why I've purchased all these domains.

At first I had intended to do hosting for anyone and get an army of writers and I'll just pay the hosting bills, but I realized while admirable, I could get in legal trouble if someone did something as little as violate copyright. So I scraped that idea. I still feel the need to help those that can't afford hosting. When I get a request I'll very much vet you before I decide to offer free hosting for your selected domain. I won't tolerate hate under my dollar.

Free speech is best whenever it's free, so once I have negotiated applications to give half to US Citizens and half sold to businesses I'll exit all at the sametime. Everyone gets their domains with in few weekend days of the final accepted applications. I'll cover the cost of transferring domains to anyone willing to accept it and give a good reason as to why they want it. I realize I may not get applications / offers for all domains, so if I top out and can't find good users/bidders for 80% after a reasonable time I'll bring it to an end and go ahead and give / sell out.

I want to be clear, I'm human and will be tempted to sell out early. All I can offer to you is that I will do my absolute best to do what's right with these domains, and that is to maintain my mission of giving half to US Citizens and the other half to Corporations.

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