I've purchased more domains, but I haven't published them yet. I'll add them this weekend.They cover various categories. I'm trying to basically figure out when the word "Trumped" will become a word. I can't do this all myself, but I'm trying to protect as much of "trumped" as possible from corporations. Particularly Reputation Defense companies that can be funded in all kinds of ways. I have gotten the impression from friends I may need to lower my burn rate for this project. It's a matter of freedom, but also calculated risk by myself.
I need your help! If you're reading this then try to think of a "trumped" domain you can register yourself, if all you do is park it until you can find someone that will do good with it; that's fine, but help me protect the word "Trumped". I hope you can get a piece of the pie if you decide to sale it. Whatever chunk we take out of the .com's and other tld's is a dollar of value we took from the corrupt. Our information is stuck at Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat. These are places that are not indexed and easily found with a Google search. We the people are mostly the same, there is way to much unnecessary hatred though. I want you to be heard. Put content up that gives facts and opinions on Donald Trump. Make it easy to find! You can add value!

What traffic I have seen on this site, I know there are more international viewers than American. If you have some extra $Currencyofyourchoice then register a domain; try to help.

And also, I'm seeing "Trumps" as another valuable domain area that seems untapped.

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