I came to be shaken by something that happened today. I got my first domain application. It was a US Citizen offering to sale me a set of domains. He didn't give an offer, he just gave me the opportunity to bid on his allotment of domains. I'm so disappointed by this. Didn't you read the application?

I'm giving away half the domains to US Citizens. The others will be sold to the most appropriate bidder. I'm not getting in this for that reason, to dominate all the domains. I have plenty of "speech" assets. I just want to help half of the people and invest the other half. Can't I have that?

I don't want to talk about this again and to enforce it I'm saying this. If you ask me about some "opportunity" I'll ban you and your family from getting one of the domains when I exit. I won't tolerate spammers.

For the rest of you, please start applying for domains so I can start negotiating for who can use the domain in the best way possible.

And if your a company wanting to negotiate for the domains -- you can send me pgp signed email, but I'll work on the application for that process later on. I got to work on my people first. Investments are best left alone anyways.

Let's get Free Speech onto the open web, outside of the walled garden of Facebook and Twitter. If reddit.com can control their indexing to prevent people's voices from being heard what's not to say Facebook and Twitter won't start doing it ?

Georgia, you're on notice. Russia, know anyone in the states that writes well and is articulate? Let them know they can apply for a free domain.

Если у вас есть друг, который является гражданином США, пожалуйста, дайте им знать, что они могут подать заявление на получение бесплатного домена. Я дам их всех прочь, сразу же, когда-нибудь в будущем.



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