I have created this website and it's "Free Speech Domains" as an investment in "Citizens United v FEC" where money equals speech. I have been doing this solo project since the election of President Trump.

On the side lines of this project is also an active experiment where I collect evidence of Quantum Entanglement happening at a macro scale. I document my experiences over at TrumpedWithPower.com. Check it out.

I'm a US Citizen, as you might have guessed, from one of the 51 States.(Seriously, congratulations New Columbia)

I'm going on 40 years old and have done tech support since I was 17, I'm still doing it to this day. I get to make people happy, but ultimately never get to the see the results of my work. No one ever calls back to say thank you. (Ok, except that one guy)

I've always wanted to have a job where I can see things come together and be proud of what I have done. Much like building a boat, it takes a long time, but at the end you have a boat. I've never tried to accomplish something difficult that I can stand back and witness my success.

I'm soon to be 40 years old and have never built a boat. This is that boat. I want it to float, stand back and look how proud I am of what I have accomplished. I can make a lot of people a little happier and I finally get to see the results.

I'm not a One Percenter, far from it. A $50k~ / year job doesn't accomplish that. I do live a simply life, I have but a few friends, and a loving family. I just want to be proud of something for a change.