This is a real website that is doing real things with real domains.

Merry Christmas America!

This is my gift to America. Home of the free!

Dictator's Blog

The Dictator writes a blog about Quantum Entanglement, life, and these domains.

Domain List

I have ownership of this list of domains. I'll be using them as free speech domains distributed to content creators.

Make a Trump Domain your home.

You can grab a domain and goto town.

About me

Interested in knowing more about me?

Terrible webdesign

Just because I'm a terrible web designer doesn't mean you have to be. Make beautiful pages or make something ugly but useful.


  • I'm a US Citizen that started a petition to ask Donald Trump a question.
    • I thought it was an interesting petition, but nobody else wanted to ask it.
  • When the Petition didn't take off like I expected, I bought what I defined as speech: Domains, Hosting, and Ads
    • I'm basically taking a stake in the word "Trumped".
  • Now, I own 100+ domains and need to put them to good use. I am a charitable person.
  • I plan to give 1/2 of them to US Citizens that can give the best idea for the domains use.
    • If an artist wants to share his painting of Trump defying gravity, I have a great domain for that.
  • The other 1/2 will be sold to businesses.
    • I'll sell a few to small businesses.
  • I have a personal blog at keeping up with the struggle

Want to speak your mind and get heard?

I will be giving away 1/2 of these domains to US Citizens

Available Domains:

Disappointed Trump




Creative Spelling